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Introducing a suite of tools that help you manage and reach your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders on smartphone.


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Our Products

InTouch Contacts

Contacts Transfer, Backup and Sync

If “Contacts” are important to you, then this is your app! A must have app if you are a professional in sales, marketing, human resources, or a small business owner. Simple to use, yet a powerful app for managing your Contacts network like never before.

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InTouch Extension

Lead Manager

Save unknown numbers and other data from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail to your phone instantly, make phone call from web and much more!

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InTouch Spaces

Topic Based Team Communication

The all new way to keep teams in sync. Easily organise and share discussions, documents and contacts between people. Bye bye long chats, good morning messages and wasteful forwards! Stay focussed and get things done with your team.

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Why InTouch?

Mobile Audience

We help you reach people on their mobile phones in a very simple and effective way.

Reach Directly

Reach people directly without any middleman. Communicate at your own terms, without any restrictions.

Secure & Private

You own and control your data. We respect your privacy and do not share your data with anyone.



Build Your
Master Contact Database

Bring your contacts from different sources into a single clean master contact list. This data is backed up securely to our cloud and synced directly to your phone.


Communicate via
Existing Channels

Use the contact database managed by InTouch on your phone to easily communicate using WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and Phone calls.


Use Our New
Communication Channel

Break free from the limitations of existing channels! Try "Spaces", our all new communication and collaboration channel designed for mobile phones.


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