Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get my Phone contacts to Outlook?

Install InTouchApp on your phone and login to backup your contacts to InTouch cloud. Then install InTouchApp for Outlook on your PC and login. Contacts will show up in your Outlook contacts. Any changes you make on the phone will automatically sync with Outlook.

Can InTouchApp backup my Outlook contacts?

Yes. As soon as you install InTouchApp for Outlook, existing contacts in Outlook will be merged with your master contacts list on InTouchApp and synced to all your connected devices

Will InTouchApp sync with Outlook automatically

Yes. We attempt to sync contacts every few hours on Outlook. However, you can always initiate sync by opening InTouchApp and click on in menu -> Sync now.

Does InTouchApp support Outlook on Mac?

Not yet, but please send us a request at so we can expedite it.

What is the minimum Outlook version supported?

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and upwards.

What is the minimum Windows version supported?

Microsoft Windows XP and upwards.

How do I use InTouchApp to backup my contacts?

Just install InTouchApp on your mobile & login - done! IntouchApp will automatically backup your contacts for you.

Where can I see my backed up contacts?

You can access your backed up contacts online from a PC or Mac at

How do I use InTouchApp to sync my contacts across my devices?

Just install the app on all your devices & login with the same account! InTouchApp will automatically sync your contacts across all your devices. Ensure you do not logout of the app.

How do I restore contacts to my new mobile or after a device reset?

You did the smartest thing by using InTouchApp! Just install the app on your new mobile and log in! In a few minutes, all your contacts will be transferred to your phone.

Can InTouchApp remove duplicates from my contacts?

Yes. Duplciate contacts are automatically merged as soon as they are backed up on the server. The detected duplicates are then merged on devices in subsequeny sync.

How can I manage my contacts from my PC / Mac?

You can manage your contacts from the comfort of your PC or Mac by visiting and logging in. Any changes you make to your contacts online will be reflected across your devices

Will InTouchApp handle changes I make to my contacts or new contacts I add?

On Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, Outlook: yes, just ensure you are always logged into the app. On Blackberry 10, you need to manually tap on "Sync" to backup changes from your device (we are working on automatic backup for BB 10 as well).

How do I ensure changes I make are synced instantly?

On Android and iPhone, ensure that you make changes from within InTouchApp. These changes will sync instantly. If you make changes outside of InTouchApp, it can take up to few hours for them to sync (depending on many factors including availability of Internet, etc.). On BlackBerry 7, changes are always instantly backed up. On BlackBerry 10, automatic backup is not availabile yet. Please tap on "Sync" to backup changes (we are working on automatic backup for BB 10 as well).

What if I do not see my contacts on my phone?

Do not worry! Contacts once backed up are not lost on InTouch - no matter what happens on your device. First, check your master contacts list online at from a PC or Mac. You should most likely find all your contacts there. If it is a few contacts, just search for them and click on Add To Device button. If a lot of contacts are missing from device, let us know and we will re-sync all contacts for you

What is InTouchID?

It is a unique username assigned to everyone who uses InTouchApp. It is prefixed with an * (the asterisk sign) to differentiate it from other IDs (example, @ is prefix for Twitter handles). You can easily exchange contact info using this simple ID!

How can I request support?

The best way to reach us for support is via InTouchApp -> menu -> Feedback. That way we receive all the information we need to assist your right away

How do I add a contact using InTouchID?

Open IntouchApp on your mobile and look for input box that accepts IntouchID (Tap on Add Contact on Android & iPhone to see the input box). Just type IntouchID and tap on Add/Go to add as a new contact. Contacts connected via InTouch will stay updated automatically for you!

What are contacts with a * added to their names?

These are your "connected" contacts. Contact information of these contacts auto-updates on your device and is managed by the contact themselves. If they change their phone number or email, it will auto-update in your phone so you do not have to! Please do not edit or make any changes to these contacts.

How can I connect with more people so I get their latest information automatically?

Connecting with people and business on IntouchApp is simple: just type their InTouchID into the app to request a connection.

Will my information or contacts be sold or used by anyone else?

No, never! We are not in the business of selling contact info. Rather, we are in the business of securing it! You are always in charge of how your share your info and your contacts. Your trust is our most important asset. So be rest assured, your information is in safe hands!

I forgot my password!

You can reset your password by visiting You will need to remember the email address you registered with.

My question is not answered, where can I find additional help?

Please email us at